Customer Service and Experience

The Sales Process: Selling a Service to a Customer Face to Face

2 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

This will serve as a guide for team members when selling a service to buyers/customers. The team should be able to make a good impression by being relevant and building rapport with buyers/customers. They need to articulate how our services will benefit the buyers. Team members need to demonstrate the value of our services that will fit the wants and needs of the buyers/customers.

What we want the team to learn:
We want all team members to learn the steps to effectively deliver an effective sales pitch without being too pushy or promotional to buyers/customers.

What we want the team to do with what they’ve learned:
Each team member should be equipped with the knowledge to properly approach a customer and sell to a prospective customer. This should be applied on a daily basis.

Meeting Focus:
Mapping out the complete sales process. Identify the necessary steps in selling a service to a buyer or a customer.

Course Structure



It is essential for team members to follow a sales process where buyers/customers can get into their sales funnel. With proper planning and practice, the team can easily close more sales. Our sales pitch should be about identifying the buyer’s/customer’s wants and providing them what they want for the highest satisfaction.


Are We Focusing on Features Over Benefits?

Many people get so focused on listing all the features of their product that they forget to tell their audience about the benefits. Customers don’t care about features unless they understand why it should matter to them.  


Customers are far more interested in how the solution can benefit him or her than they are of the bells and whistles it provides. When listing out the features, always include the reason why it matters, how does it benefit the customer? Provide information that they can relate to and identify with. Link the problem with specific emotions to create a stronger inclination to purchase the item.  



  • Turn Features Into Benefits- Simply tell our customers how the features will benefit them. Transform it so it can be beneficial to their lives.
  • Show Benefits Through Storytelling- Engage with our audience by telling them a story about the services you offer.
  • Use Images To Reinforce Benefits- Use applicable images that can justify the benefits you have identified with our audience.
  • Verify Our Benefits- Indicate benefits by adding facts, figures, and statistics to our content.
  • Use Emotions- Provide customers a list of emotional benefits to make a personal connection.



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