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“Dreaming of having your own successful business but you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed?”



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For some of you, your results might have been a huge shock, to others, you might have realized that more needs to be done so you can feel confident enough starting and launching your successful and profitable business. Anyone can simply start a business, start promoting and start accepting payments but are you building a sustainable, viable and intentional business?  

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    0%-39%. You've most likely had an idea and did a little research but you are taking the first steps in developing your new business. You are likely questioning if you have what it takes and are likely overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done and with all of the free resources available to you. But, you are not making much progress in launching your business.  
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    40%-69%. You've most likely started your business but you don't have a solid business plan or solid 3, 6, and 12-month SMART goals. Even though you have started your business you are not currently hitting your monthly income goals. You are promoting and getting yourself out there but are lacking in results and paid clients. You know something is missing but you can't put your finger on what... yet. 
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    70%-100%. You are on a roll! You have started and launched your business and are ready to level up. You are making consistent money but you need to get more eyeballs on offers. You know it's time to level up but you do not know the next steps. Maybe you need and coach, teacher or a little extra support in your corner.  

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