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“You created and launched your business and now it's time to market and promote it but you don't know how to do this, the right way.”



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For some of you, your results might have been a huge shock, to others, you might have realized that more needs to be done so that you can feel confident enough to start marketing and promoting your online service-based business. Anyone can simply start a business, start promoting and start accepting payments but are you building a reliable, trustworthy and likable business?  

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    0%-39%. You most likely have an idea of what you need to do before you start promoting your business. You are overwhelmed with the possibility of marketing and every new fad or trend catches your eye.  Most likely, you have started to market your business without setting up the proper business foundations.  You are promoting your side hobby or freelancing services but are not operating them like an actual business.
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    40%-69%. You've most likely hit the ground running with promoting your business but you don't have a solid content marketing plan or solid 3, 6, and 12-month SMART goals. Even though you have started to promote your business you are not seeing much engagement on your posts and have very few paid clients. You might be getting some engagement but those people are not signing up for your offers, if you're making any. Your idea of making connections is setting up online "coffee dates" and "business besties". You know you have to start marketing like a true business owner but you do not know how. 
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    70%-100%. You are promoting your business like a true CEO. You have most likely outsourced difficult tasks and planned your content marketing machine until 2025! You are making consistent money and now your looking to scale. You know it's time to level up but you do not know the next steps. The idea of paid advertising might scare you or maybe you're already using paid advertising with lackluster results. Maybe you need a certified Digital Marketer and Marketing Strategist in your corner. 

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