The Optimum Difference

Helping students explore different career opportunities by providing them with real world education. 

Endless Possibilities.

It's one thing to tell a student what to do, how to do it and where to do it. It's another thing entirely to leave the decision making to the student. At The Optimum You, we want to provide unit studies that closely resemble the real world. 

Whether your student is college bound, entrepreneurial or is going directly into the work force after high school, we put your student in the position of the "specialized team member". They will have a boss , they will be helping grow a business, they will have job responsibilities and they will have the freedoms to create.

22 Persona Profiles, 100's of activities and counting...

No unit study is the same!

With hundreds of combinations, no student will have the same dull and boring education. Just like the real world, you don't know who your boss and coworkers will be! Preparing your student for life after gradation.

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