Helping students fill 33% of their resumes with soft and hard skills that boost their critical and creative thinking through diverse and research driven education. 


Employers are increasingly looking for candidates with a combination of soft and hard skills, which are often neglected in a students education. Candidates with skill sets that are made up of both soft and hard skills are very competitive in a continually evolving technological-focus economy.

Here at The Optimum You, our mission is “Helping students jump start their careers by teaching them business and marketing skills that boost their critical and creative thinking, resumes and future income potential.” 

The entire Optimum You team embodies this mission every day. Our staff is dedicated to each student’s personal success. By creating supportive, fun yet rigorous unit studies, we ensure each student is given the opportunity to succeed in their careers and businesses.

The Optimum You pledges to provide the education and support system needed to help every student achieve his/her fullest potential after graduation, while creating diverse and interactive unit studies which isn’t confined to the 'grade level' classroom model. 

We help students develop the perfect cocktail of soft and hard skills that will benefit them throughout their professional careers. 

Unit studies built to boost creative thinking.

No need to stress with our unit studies. We keep hand holding to a minimum while also helping students feel comfortable enough to work independently and creatively through research driven learning.

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