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For some of you, your results might have been a huge shock, to others, you might have realized that more needs to be done before you can feel confident enough to grow and scale your current business. Anyone can simply start a business, start promoting and start accepting payments but are you building an efficient, predictable and scaleable business?  

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    0%-39%. You've most likely tried to grow your business but in trying, you have seen little to no success. You are likely questioning if you have what it takes and are likely overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done. Systems are made to streamline an already sustainable, viable, and intentional business and makes it as stress free as possible. Maybe you are trying to do too many things at once which makes it very stressful just thinking about the process. 
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    40%-69%. You've most likely started to grow your existing business and you are having some success but you want more. You want to scale. Or maybe you want to make your life easier. You have systems in place but they are not streamlined and are causing more of a headache then anything else. Has it been years since you updated your out of date funnels? Is this causing you not to currently hit your monthly income goals? With time, if your business is not kept up to date everything can become a mess. 
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    70%-100%. You have leveled up and now you are ready to start building a team! You are making consistent money but you want to do less hands on work. You know it's time to build a team and passive programs so that you can only spend time with high-level clients. Maybe you need and coach, teacher or a little extra support in your corner.  Agree? We have something cooking for you.

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