With The Optimum You, all classes start after traditional school hours, making it easy to hop into the virtual campus and study, catch up with small groups or participate in extracurricular activities. With the Optimum You’s online education portal, your student can study from the comfort of your home. 


Students meet and interact with their online classmates! The Optimum You’s virtual campus gives students the opportunity to connect online through live chat and during our live face to face instruction. With The Optimum You, students will get to know classmates from all across Florida.

Live class sessions and online chats.

Our live online class sessions and online chats are a great way for students to get to know their classmates and instructors better. Even students who normally feel too shy to raise their hand or otherwise participate in a conventional classroom find themselves actively participating online. And with the ability to chat online and talk with teachers, information and feedback are very accessible. There is a strong sense of community within our platform.

Virtual Campus.

The ultimate online gathering place for students. The virtual campus is the student hub of The Optimum You. All students are welcomed to stop by and post an update on what they’ve been doing, reach out for advice on something, or just chat about the latest meme. Only registered students can post and all posts are monitored by our staff to ensure there is never any bullying or inappropriate comments. 


The Optimum You is revolutionizing the why teens build for their future and it’s all through online education. We use our decades of experience to deliver high-quality education in an online virtual school setting. Our team of passionate instructors is dedicated to student success.

The Optimum You Instructors are:

- Certified in Business Development and Digital Marketing
- Endorsed by Florida State Certified Teachers
- Endorsed by Dozens of Local Chambers of Commerce
- Have an average of 5 years of online teaching experience
- 58% Hire and Train Small Business Management


Here at The Optimum You, our mission is “Helping innovative teens jump start their careers by teaching them business and marketing skills that boost their resume and future income potential.”  

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