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Helping students boost their resumes and future income potential through creative, interactive and research driven education. 

Teaching your student based on their interests.

At The Optimum You, we believe in a well rounded education through our Charlotte Mason and Classical blended style of education. Our unit studies are nonsectarian.

With 45 core topics within the fields of marketing, entrepreneurship and professional development, your student will have fun while getting their hands dirty and their creative juices flowing. 

All levels of our unit studies develop three core areas:

  1.  Personal Development - Developing the student's response to personal awareness, identity, talents and overall potential.
  2.  Career Skill Set Development- Developing the student's skill set as it relates to on the job duties and responsibilities. 
  3.  Professional Behavioral Development - Developing the student's response in situations involving other people such as coworkers, bosses and employees.

With unit studies made by business owners and executives to help your student start building their portfolios, businesses and careers, we know who employers want to hire and what recruiters want to see on resumes.

Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills

Employers look for applicants with two skill sets: hard skills (skills that are teachable/learned or skill sets that are easy to measure such as accounting, copywriting and project management) and soft skills (subjective skills that are harder to measure and relative such as patience, communication and leadership skills).

Successful candidates will make sure to put both sets of skills on display.
Typically, students learn hard skills in the classroom. The Optimum You takes the guesswork out of creating your own interest lead curriculum. 



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