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On-Demand, Training & Development Templates, Frameworks and Outlines for Human Resource Departments, Corporate Trainers, Business Coaches and Management Consultants.

Never stare at a blank screen again.

The Optimum You is a collection of short training and development lessons that help develop an outstanding management workforce, business or executive entrepreneur.

Through human resource departments, corporate training, business coaches and consultants. We help organizations train and develop the best talent.

We help subject matter experts, coaches and consultants provide executive coaching and management training to entrepreneurs, small business owners and CEOs.

Cut your program & training development time by 70%!

We provide done-for-you lesson templates, training aids, resources and materials.

We help training specialists, corporate trainers, human resource departments, coaches and consultants create eLearning and instructor-led courses.

We provide training guides, training aids, course descriptions, video outline templates and assessment questions.

We help organizations, coaches and consultants develop tutorials, user guides and performance support tools while also providing customized training solutions.

Our Customized Professional Development Resources Help You Create:


  • Succession Planning
  • Employee Learning and Growth Opportunities
  • Leadership Programs
  • Pay Incentive Programs
  • Professional Training and Development Programs 
  • Professional Guidance & Mentoring Programs
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Management Communication and Presentation Guides
  • and much more!


  • Sales Technicians/Outside Sales 
  • Call Center & Appointment Representatives
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Management and Supervision

In Four Key Areas of Your Business:

  • Customer Service and Experience 
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Leadership and Management
  • Business Development

How does this all work?

Building your professional development program is just like ordering your favorite pizza!

Step 1: Choose Your Crust

Our Crust content is our base content. These training kits may be used for introductory content such as short video lessons, lunch break sessions, meetings and lead magnets. Crust content is general content used to help a wide range of audiences with various levels of skills.

Step 2: Choose Your Sauce

Our Sauce content goes much more in depth and is intended for continuing education. These training kits may be used for more centered one-on-one or group instruction such as personalized business audits, paid memberships programs, online courses, and specialized services.

Step 3: Choose Your Toppings

Our Toppings content is specific content used to help clients with specific problems in their business or organization. These kits include training aids, assessments and additional resources may be used for more concentrated training such as workshops, executive coaching, management training and facilitator instruction.


Here's what some past clients had to say...

Kendra Sette is a Management Consultant & Certified Digital Marketing Strategist. With almost ten years of traditional and digital marketing experience, Sette started her career interning in the marketing departments of various non-profit organizations such as the American Red Cross and the American Cancer Society. Specialized in building internal marketing teams within the construction space, Sette is passionate and dedicated to the fields of branding and marketing. With seven digital marketing professional certifications, Sette is at the top of the industry. Through her work, Sette has also been published in Badassery Magazine and YFS Magazine. Here are some client testimonials Sette has received throughout her career:

"I took Kendra's program recently. I loved her live group webinars, homework, group interaction...all of it. She is a gift to entrepreneurs of all kinds. I have had so many shifts in how I want to market my service business and also in how our ideal client really is. Kendra will speak her truth and I appreciate her straightforward approach during the course. Do yourself a favor and register for her next program. You won't regret it.

Kristin Revere

"I spent just one hour with Kendra on a one-off strategy session. From the moment she popped up on the screen- I knew I liked her. She is charismatic, straight to the point, passionate beyond belief and clearly knows her stuff. After this short time, she gave me some clear pointers and things to look at to improve my business. She gave me clarity on a few things I knew needed looking at." 

Katie Colella

"I started working with Kendra to tackle my challenges with marketing. As a creative entrepreneur I struggle a lot to switch between creating and promoting and I was neglecting the marketing part in many ways. Kendra is a natural in looking at your business and developing a plan to take you from A to B. Working with her made me understand from day one what my next steps are and where I am in regard of achieving my goals. Kendra holds an abundance of knowledge and tangible steps to follow that any business owner, who wants to up there marketing game can highly benefit from!"

Sonja Limone

"I've done so much private learning up to now and really haven't paid for anything - just researched stuff myself. But what I was lacking was someone to actually say yes you are on the right track or no change this. Kendra has given me the guidance and confidence to know and understand what I'm doing and where I’m heading. Kendra has been an amazing support and kept my positivity up. Her wealth of knowledge is astronomical! I highly recommend you get on board and expand your marketing knowledge."

Meagan Goodes

“Kendra is amazing. The way she speaks and connects with others is inspiring and motivating all in one. She makes real connections and genuinely cares about the people she is speaking to. Speaking with her allowed me to discover my own “aha” moment in developing my business. She challenged me in a way that made me realize my next step, and now I am moving forward with something I had been stuck on for weeks. She is positive, electric, and her energy is contagious. I highly recommend working with Kendra as she will push you to become the business you were always meant to be.”


Lindsie Scott